Ummmmmmm, Happy New Year?

I kind of forgot that I had a blog. But it has been a super nice break away from the computer and all things pictures. We spent our first Christmas away from all our family and stayed here in St George, which turned out low-key and very nice. Now that its a new year, I've been thinking about how eventful and exciting last year was for us. One thing I was thinking about at 3am while battling insomnia was the "firetruck incident." A mom's worst nightmare. A group of kindergarteners, an old firetruck (that starts by pushing a button! Hello?!) a really nice black car parked in the firetruck's path, and our neighbors HOUSE. Yes, the firetruck nearly crashed into our neighbors front door. What an event! So glad that we have learned our lessons from that one. Anyhoo, hopefully this year will be eventful in a good way as the kids grow up and learn lessons. And us adults too! Happy New Year! :)

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tracie said...

Sounds scary!! Happy New year.