Utah Bride and Groom: Published!

Yay! Another fabulous wedding that I photographed was just published in the Spring '09 issue of Utah Bride and Groom Magazine.. This magazine is so awesome.. so many great ideas, colors, flowers, cakes rings and images.. I've looked through it a million times and LOVE IT! The editor, Tessa Woolf, is so talented and I can't say enough good things about them..


Michelle and Brady: Married!

Michelle and Brady's wedding was so fun although I was pretty sick (hopefully nobody noticed) - "Just grin and bear it" I always say. No I really don't always say that.. but anyways, they lucked out and got a gorgeous day.. :) Congrats!



Check out the new issue of Latter Day Bride magazine! There are so many awesome weddings featured, with amazing photography from several of Utah's fabulous photographers.. I shot Marie and Cason's wedding this past summer and was so happy when I heard Latter Day Bride wanted to showcase their wedding.


Speaking of...

Twins... these are the Wardrop gals and their cute brother D. I love this family and have loved watching them grow and interact. I have always been amazed and interested in the bond between twins and have photographed many twin and triplet families.. I just never believed I would be a mother of multiples. Mothers of multiples are so calm and prepared and organized and fun and easy going. I know I can do it and am wrapping my finger around the idea of 5 children, slowly but surely. :)