Bornes Fam

How fun to have pics with grandma and grandpa - what fun memories!


Jen and Ryan

We took these pics in Sugarhouse - a place with lots of great picture "spots" - but Ryan got hungry and, well, we had to be done taking pictures. :)


team BLAKE!

Go Blake!



Cutest family.. cutest house! I was in love with the orange wall in the kitchen!


...and it's not even summer yet

Things are great when the weather is warm.. it seems everyone is just plain happier. We have definitely been enjoying the sunshine.. here are a few shots of our outdoor adventures in the past few days. :)



These guys were so cute... their sweet little boy was so sick and I had no idea until afterwards when she mentioned he had been sick. He didn't make a peep the whole time - Dont they look great in their lime green? :)


Splendor in the Grass..:)

Who doesn't love frolicking in the tall green grass?


Happy Anniversary!

So I'm not one to profess my love or show affection publicly, but since I have been married nearly 10 years, I feel it's in order to give a HUGE shout out to the man I fell head over heels in love with 9 years ago.. Lists are always fun.. I married Aaron and love him for lots of reasons, here are some:
He's always been and always will be adventurous
He's impulsive and goes on instinct (he asked me to marry him after knowing me a month)
He's the hardest working person I know
He's the hardest playing person I know.. there's always something fun happening with Aaron around
He's smart
He's a hard core athlete.. he could have chose NBA or NFL and he chose the Social Security Administration (for the great benenfits. :)
He cleans better than the Merry Maids
He has an awful food allergy and never complains that he has to eat eggs, tortillas, pancakes and rice noodles day after day after day after day...
He is SUPER thoughtful
He is a good friend, he's got your back.. ya know?
He has a testimony and spends hours, without complaining, for his calling
He is the sweetest dad to our kids
and of course, HE IS DANG HOT, hello?!
Love you Aaron!


Bristol Beauties

These two were in town visiting from Bristol, England - We spent a whole of 15 minutes taking pictures in the FREEZING and WINDY weather last week.. they were troopers!


A Thunderbird...

Does anyone (my age) remember when senior pictures were all about leaning over on the fur table in the studio with the paint splattered background? And maybe block numbers behind you indicating the year you graduated? I remember.. and now senior pics are GLAMOROUS. no fair.