Cali Wedding Album

Here is another wedding album layout from last August in San Diego. Oh how I miss that kind of weather!


Pregnant in Vegas

A quick recap of our last little escape before baby #1 and baby #2 join our happy family.. (not until June but doctor's orders are "house arrest" at 28 weeks.. boo) -
We went here
We stayed here (which was amazing)

We saw her (gorgeous, of course) and watched a live taping of Germany's Next Top Model and a Fashion Show. (Aaron loved it and I felt really really fat.)

We ate here

We spent time here and visited them (always a pleasure)

We saw this and this (seriously the most amazing thing I've ever seen with my own two eyes.. really)

I had such a great time with him (seen above) - He was such a sport and so was I (walking miles in heels while pregnant) :) Thanks to my family for loving, feeding and bathing my children while we were away. You're the best!


Triple Threat Chicks

We had so much fun, these ladies and I! We were laughing and freezing and dodging cars on the highway trying to get to our location. BUT, holy cow.. have you ever seen more beautiful sisters EVER? These girls are going to be breaking into the movies soon.. you just wait. We are trying to get them cast in the next Twilight Movies as the Italian Vampires. Wouldn't they be perfect?


Oh Yeah...

Check out my new website.. fun fun.


Erica and Sam: Album Preview

I'm frantically trying to catch up on all my album designing I have to do from last year. wow. It's so fun to do, but soooooo time consuming because you want these beauties to be, well, beauties. Here are a few pages from Erica and Sam's Wedding last August that I've been working on tonight.


Brit & Brig: Before & After

My last pregnant belly and sweet little baby shots of '08.. I grew up with Brig and Brit is my sister's b.f.f. from high school. So fun to see them all grown up and having cute babies.