Up North

I had a FUN weekend!


My Gals

A rainy afternoon last week turned into a girls day in. Boys at school equals girls getting makeovers, dressing up and playing "kitchen." I told Millie she could put on some lip gloss and eye shadow and then I'd take her picture. Uh, hello.. she was all over that. By the way, if you have kiddos that don't own any Melissa and Doug play food, it's high time to get some. Millie spends hours with her cookie set and there are so many other cute ones.. like the sushi bar and ice cream parlor.


Published: Weddings

Yay for Bethany & Dewey AND Natalie & Brian, whose fun weddings were published in the most recent issue of Latter Day Bride Magazine. Thanks to Jennifer and Emma over at Latter Day Bride for publishing these weddings!


This is the way we roll...

Maggie and Jones are practically grown up at 7 months. We've been talking about which classes they want to register for next semester in Junior High. No really, they are sweet little things and make me laugh lots.
Here's the 7 month breakdown:
Maggie is blowing Jones out of the water with all her rolling and yelling and grabbing and sitting.
Jones is a happy fella who is content to lay on his back and do absolutely nothing.
Jones did attempt a rollover, however, during American Idol the other night.
Both babies thoroughly enjoy waking up in the night screaming for their parents.
Both babies are still totally bald, yet beautiful.
Maggie likes pink.. Jones favors navy blue.
Jones has fat rolls, Maggie does not.
Maggie likes to tease Jones by stealing his binky and sucking on it for herself.
Jones like a good Turkey/Rice dinner while Maggie enjoys Oatmeal and Applesauce.
Maggie is still in size 1 diapers, Jones is in size 3.
Both babies are awesome and loved by everyone.

p.s. I'm loving this from the Boutwells Blog


(No) Snow Canyon

On a beautiful Saturday in JANUARY, the family took off to one of our favorite spots up Snow Canyon. There was no snow. There was no inversion. I felt pretty good about our move down south. We'll see how I'm feeling when August comes and it's 120 degrees.

Still not a fan? What's wrong with you? :)


Boring Friday Night...

Freak.. here's my new hair shown through a gay "self portrait in the mirror" pic.
Out with the old and in with the new I always say.


March Mini Shoots!

**Update** March Utah County Shoots filled. I'll be doing them again in April in St. George! :)

p.s. are you a fan yet? click here


Cohen: 4 days old

We shot these in about 10 minutes at baby Cohen's grandparents house. He's sweet as can be. I like babies a lot. I like other people's babies a lot. I don't want any more babies of my own. :)


Hair Lady's Family

Summer does my hair so I like to call her my "hair lady." She is the best and I'm thankful she takes the time in her super busy schedule to fit me in. I love her family so much and got to spend several hours at her house before I traveled back to Dixieland. One of these days I'll have to post a picture of my new hair too. Summer went crazy on me and cut it all off. I have a few wisps here and there, but I lost 5 lbs in the process.