(As 'NSYNC nicely put it...) BYE BYE BYE

Happiest place on earth, here we come! Yep, we are loading the kids up and driving to Disneyland for a week of relaxing.. (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) - There's no better place to go for a nice, relaxing, quiet break. :) I'm leaving you with MY family photo that the lovely Becky Westover helped me out with. I can now sympathize with all of those sweet families I've taken pictures of over the years.. family pictures {suck!} They are hard to pull off and I probably won't be doing this again for a LONG time!


Jenny & Ben: They did it!

Ohhhhh... Jenny with a baby! It's almost too much for the eyes to take... Jenny and her husband Ben are dear old high school friends of mine who were our first friends out of high school to get married. Jenny was the one giving marital and {sex} advice to all of us next in line for marriage - fast forward 10 years - baby #1 finally comes and Jenny is sending us threatening emails telling us how lowsy we are at giving advice! "Nobody told me this would be so flippin' hard and I wouldn't sleep. " Oh, the joys. She is already planning for the next bundle of joy... wink wink.. Jenny loves her little Jordan so much and I am so proud of her and Ben and the darling little girl they created.

Of course we needed a 4 generation photo!


Beau and Kim: Engagements

Beau and Kim are tall.. Let me just say that.. model tall.. they were both so cute! Beau LOVED getting his picture taken, haha, not really.. he was a good sport! Kim just ran her first marathon and did awesome! She's got the legs to show for it. :)


Happy Day for Cole

Happy Happy Birthday to my big 6 year old Cole! We wouldn't be able to get from day to day without Cole's help.. he is the best! He is also a mini rock star in the making, so we surprised him and he got an electric guitar with a matching cake for his big day!


Little Miss. Brown Eyes

So I am just posting these from several weeks ago.. I can't keep up on this darn blog.. I'm trying but the pics are coming faster than I can post. Sooooo, this little Miss. Brown Eyed Girl, well, the pics speak for themself. She is gorgeous and I have to admit, I was a little sad knowing I will never give birth to a brown eyed baby. Never. The blue eyed genes of my husband and I cannot create those puppy dog brown eyes. (I do get to look at my own dog's brown eyes often, but those usually have doggy boogies in them, so not as cute.)
On a different note, I'm off to run the Logan Marathon on Saturday, not happily. I am pretty much just tagging along with my mom and dad, who are running also. I am nursing a sinus infection, and just realized it will be my STOTM (special time of the month :) YAY for me.. I may or may not be back alive come Saturday night.


New! ... DVD's

Just an FYI.. I am now offering custom DVD Slideshow's from every photo session - babies, families, weddings, you name it! They are so sweet and can be put to your choice of music - These are so fun to have and really do make great grandparent presents.. :) For any of my past and regular clients, it's not too late.. we can still put your old photos on DVD! Just email me for details - haleyannwarner@yahoo.com - (The info will also be on my website by December)

The always lovely Bryn, posing in her one year birthday princess gear. :)

Alexis and Jeff: The Wedding

Who doesn't love working with FUN, easy -going, LOVELY people? What a fun and HOT day! I must say, I can't wait for the fall weather! :)
A little texture action.. :)

Check out those eyes!

Grandma's Goblets

All the girls

Thanks guys.. your crooked jaws and all. :)