Ice Cream...

with the Simpson fam in November.. it was madness! No, not really. It was a gorgeous day, Meri wanted a fun session, something different.. so we wandered downtown Springville and ended up at Yummy's for some ice cream, well, not ice cream.. frozen custard. Meri told her whole neighborhood she'd be at Yummy's for a photoshoot so they had a few "drive by supporters" - It was lots of fun and these three are pretty easy on the eyes too.. if you know what I mean. :)


Scott Fam

Okay, so these guys were soooo colorful and fun and darling! We were desperately trying to find a candy shop downtown Provo and all we came up with was some american coin candy and canadian candy.. not so great. Could someone please open up a candy store downtown Provo? I promise it would be a GRAND investment. So, needless to say, these poor kids did such a great job getting their pics done and didn't even end up with a treat... (except for Lola's cupcake cake for her first birthday party that night.. even better!)

Doesn't she look awesome with that belly leading the way?!


Collection C Christmas Cards












The lovely Killpacks

So this is my "header" family.. the Killpacks... one of my favorite families, and one of the best looking. Really. Check out the picture of mom and dad, down at the bottom. Pretty hot. Love 'em!


Stef and boys..

This lovely gal is Stef, who has been a friend of mine for years. Her mother hired me as one of five employees at For Every Body, where I worked as secretary, customer service rep, photographer, designer, label maker, marketing director, salesman and nanny. :) I love her family and have so many "For Every Body" memories. I remember even "babysitting" Stef at one point while her parents were in China. (She was a senior in high school :) By the way, Stef is single.. so if there are any super decent guys out there, let me know.. Stef brought her friend Rami and her daughter Keana with them for a few shots.


Are you kidding me?

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous bride? No, really.. I seriously couldn't stop taking pictures of Leslie. I kept going and going and then the sun went down and she was sick of me. :) She did an amazing job in front of that camera of mine!