Runnin' out of Steam

Holy Moly, I was hit hard over the head with the worst cold EVER yesterday, so I'm slow to get on the computer for anything other than looking up cold remedies for pregnant women. And... it is "project week" at my house. My most darling, talented friend Anne Marie has been painting, putting together cribs, sewing, fixing, moving, changing, organizing and making my home beautiful (pics to follow when "project week(s) is over) - She's awesome.. so I wanted to show off her awesome looking children for a second.. I snapped these in about a 7 minute photoshoot while we were in St. George together a month ago.. she (and her husband) have got child-making skillz. I'd post more but my fingers are tired and my eyes are ever so slowly closing as I type....


A Day With Mom

For the last little while, I've been thinking that I need to put something together for my kids before the twins come... and then I thought of making a little book for each of them documenting an average day at home.. nothing fancy or exciting.. just everyday life. Since everyday life and normalcy will be non-existant soon! wink wink. Well.. I should have thought of this 7 months ago when I was not 7 months pregnant with twins. Really.. who wants pics of themselves at the stage I'm in right now? But, I knew if I didn't do it now, it wouldn't happen. I'm very thankful to Ashlee for spending an afternoon (hours and hours) with us and I love these pics so much. NOW for the warnings and disclaimers:
Cleavage may be seen in the following shots (so exciting!)
Dark roots may be seen in the following shots
Nerdy maternity poses may be seen in the following shots
AND, please understand that I chose to post the photos of my kids actually getting along and the ones that look like we are perfectly happy doing such lovely things everyday. I am choosing not to post the fighting, crying, yelling and double chins or relief society arms.
When I told Cole that we were going to be having Ashlee come to shoot pics of us just hanging out doing everyday stuff he said, "So she's going to be taking pics of us watching t.v. and you on the computer?" I laughed and then cried.
Enjoy! Let me know what you think!
photos by Ashlee, editing by yours truly


Chance and Angela: Almost Married

This was my official last session before the babies arrive and I must say that it was a success.. A Big thanks to mom who helped lug my gear and dad who played nanny to my kids - I wouldn't be a functioning human being at this stage in my life without the help I get from my parents. They are too good to me. So Angela and Chance were darling and fun and I wish them the best when they are married in Texas in a few weeks! Hooray!


My Favorite Little Monkeys

We've returned from the land of warmth and sun and I'm already missing it. I forced the kids to put on their "Easter Best Clothes" for about 3 minutes so I could hopefully get a good shot of them all together.. well, maybe that didn't work out so well, but it was a great effort and I have some fantastic memories of my favorite kiddos in the world. :)

I even jumped in one shot and hid my gigantic belly behind my gigantic family



I'm getting older by the minute and this weekend we will celebrate my 32nd bday in a warmer climate.. I need the sun to boost my large and uncomfortable body's spirits.. bon voyage crappy weather!