Album Layouts

Just wanted to share with you a few page layouts from a Wedding (one of my all time FAVS) last June - I've had lots of questions about the albums and what they look like inside.. they are simple & clean layouts with black or white backgrounds. They really are quite lovely, so here you go - :) You like?


J~ Fam: Super Quick Sneak Peak

I had to hurry and post these because this fam deserves a sneak.. I was so proud of the parents for (first of all) having 5 kids, but teaching them sign language and Spanish and remaining totally calm throughout the session.. wow.

Sneak Peak: Baby Em

Look what 5 years of marriage does to ya... babies. So happy for you guys.. she's perfect.


Killpack Kiddos: Sneak Peak

These are for one of my most favorite gals - I've taken pics of these kids since little Hen was born and they just MIGHT be the best dressed and best behaved kids I know. They are a reflection of what a great mother (and daddy) they have. :) Enjoy


Teeny Sneak Peak: Celebrating Adoption

Just a note to say THANK YOU to all the families I've met through the Celebrating Adoption Program.. I've loved being a part of this and meeting all the darling children who are so lucky to have been adopted into your families. I'll miss this for sure and hope to jump back in someday! These cute pics are for Michelle.. :)

Erica and Sam: The Wedding

I don't go to Manti that often, but when I do, I'm always surprised at how much I love it there. Erica and Sam were the only couple getting married that day in Manti. They got lots of attention and had the Temple all to themselves. I love this couple lots and I know that WHENEVER they decide to have children, the world will be a better place.. filled with beauty and brains! :)