We had a super fun, super cold Christmas this year! Hope you all enjoyed yours as well! I will be up in Utah County the weekend of Jan. 15th for a shoot and I have room in my schedule for 2 more.... (families, babies, bridals, engagements) - email me if you're interested. Happy New Year!


Half Birthdays

My life totally changed 6 months ago.. on the 15th day of June, 2009. There were little things going on that I thought were pretty major (our 11 year old dogs running away, putting my photography business on the back burner, contemplating moving cities, preparing for Aaron to work out of town for 2 months, being on doctored ordered "house arrest," and the list actually does go on but I'll stop...) THEN, the day came that the babies were born. I was so ready for them to be out of my belly.. sooooo ready. And in these last six months that they've been alive, I've become a better person... I think. (Maybe ask Aaron about that first.) But I really have had my eyes opened and I'm trying to relax, remember and enjoy each day and each child, practice patience, totally rely on and appreciate Aaron for all he does for our family. Wow has it been hard, really really hard. Super hard. But I needed this. Aaron needed this. The older kids needed this. We still need it and our family needs it. We will continue to learn how to be good people, but for now, I just wanted to say Happy 6 months to Maggie and Jones. We love you guys a lot and can't imagine our family without ya!
p.s. I'm hoping not to make others jealous by posting the following pictures.. can I help it if my children were blessed with gorgeous locks? I mean the hair is flowing. ;)


Ryan + Angela Wedding

Waaaaaaay back in October, Ryan and Angela chose to be sealed together F.O.R.E.V.E.R. ( That's a super super long time.. think about it. ) Their wedding day was a lovely one and I'm glad I was able to break free from the babies for a bit and just hang out (and take a few pics here and there.) Thanks go out to Aaron for taking care of the children ALL day and even getting up the courage to bring all of them to the reception for about 15 minutes. Cheers to Aaron! .... and Ryan and Angela