Kaylynn and Colby

Ahh, Kaylynn and Colby's pictures.. I love Jolley's Ranch. No one was around and it was sooooo beautiful - a bit hot.. but so pretty out. These were some of my very favorites.. (p.s. Kaylynn is a Cougarette and a SUPER good dancer/choreographer. I highly recommend attending any sort of performance.. they are very entertaining!)



The Fullmers are the best! I have been shooting (with my camera) the Fullmers forever it seems.. they have the cutest kids.. and the cutest house.. which makes for great pics.


Happy Big 3 Will!

Will's 3rd birthday has come and gone like a flash.. and I don't think he has any memory of that day (Sat) - He threw up right when his party was starting.. so Aaron put him in the tub, then his bed and he fell asleep within 30 seconds. We went ahead and had the party without him.. the food, the cake. I don't even think he saw his birthday cake. I know he didn't eat any of it. So after about an hour, we woke him up and MADE him come out to open presents. Doesn't he look thrilled? :) Poor guy, every year he is sick on his bday. His first bday, he had ghiardia and last year I think he had the flu. Good times. Happy Birthday anyways Willie!


p.s. How to lose 5 pounds in 15 minutes...

Chippity Chop your hair off! You likey? :)


Admiring Newborns

A while back, my cousin Amber had me come to her home to take pics of her new little baby boy, Jack and his 3 older sisters. She wanted the pics to be really mellow and sweet. So she had her kids in their white jammies and they were all laying on her white bed admiring their new brother. The pics turned out gorgeous and since those pics, I've had more requests than any others, to re-create her shots for clients. (Not that all these were requests OR jammie shots.. I'm just sayin'... :)


Erin's Bridals

Erin's bridals were so adventurous and fun.. she was great! We weren't sure how many mosquitos we would encounter at the lake, so we were prepared with repellant, but didn't really need it. Her pics turned out gorgeous!


What I have been up to... (sneak peak)

Photos have ruled my life the past little bit.. but then came the 4th of July and a little itty bitty break.. it was NICE.. I love my family. A lot.