This past weekend was filled with sand, heat, chips, more sand, fly larvae, more heat and a few tube rides. We went down to Sand Hollow with the fam for a little boating... My brother Blake tells us the night before we were set to go boating that he heard there was fly larvae in the lake that burrows in your skin and makes you itchy and nauseous. Great. Let's cancel the trip.. not so fast! We were troopers and braved the fly larvae infested waters.. guess what? No itchy skin and no nausea. The weekend was lovely. Me like chips

CAUTION: Eating too many Lays Chips may cause severe drowsiness

The OFFICIAL flagger of the trip, seriously.


Megan and Alex: Sneak Peak

Congrats to two of the nicest people I have ever met.. even though Alex was sick of the "paparrazi" stalking him by the end of the recepion.. "aren't we done with pictures YET?!"


L-A-Z-Y Summer Nights

Nothin' better than those nights where you lay on the grass and let the kids drip messy popsicles all over the neighborhood, cruise around on the bikes & stay out until the sun goes down - It's nights like this when I am amazed I make it through winters being cooped up indoors.


Yummy Engagements

Lots of love is happenin' lately - So many cutesy cutesy couples.. it's so fun to do engagements and see how the different couples interact. :)


New Birth Announcements

So what the heck, I made a few new birth announcements today and they are flippin' cute! So everybody start (keep) having babies so we can announce!! :)
p.s. thanks to all the model babies I used in my mock up announcements with their fake names!


Megan's Bridals

Thanks to Aunt Denise who for the past several years has let me "use" her yard for bridals, engagements, kids, families, high school groups.. you name it, I've taken a picture of it in her yard. :) It is mucho beautifico!