A Few from Aimee & Kevin: Married

Just a few from Aimee and Kev's big day.. definitely more to come later.
p.s. Dear sweet Davina has been doing a little segment on her blog once a week about Women and Business. It's awesome and this week she interviewed me, (since I have ALL the answers, wink wink!) Check it out here

April & Stephen: Getting Married

We started out this session a little "hot stuff", a little "workin it", and a little "tender." We finished with some leaping, laughing and ice cream. So much fun.. I can't wait for these two to be married. April is extra special because she has helped me with my kiddos in the past when I've gotten lucky and will hopefully be around when my new babies come. :)


Did I mention...??

The two little peanuts in my belly (which are no longer peanuts.. really) are a boy and a girl. They are healthy and rolling around on top of each other in my body. We are so happy and feel very blessed to know that all is well with them this far. Thanks to everyone for being so kind and sending me all sorts of much needed advice and prayers. :)

Isaac & Taniel: A few from the Blizzard

I think snow can be romantic, cold and annoying, but still romantic. These two got themselves an awesome blizzard on their wedding day. Serious stuff. A big shout out to Taniel's little brother who bravely wore Taniel's heels while she borrowed his warm, manly shoes for our trek into the tundra. Still more to come from these guys..



I usually save up all the photos I've taken for one whole year and then put together all my books in January... It's fun to look back over a whole year, but lots and lots and lots of work and thousands of pictures. I could have taken my family to Mexico with the amount of money I've spent on Costco Albums and prints. I was just looking through last July's pics and these made me happy for the summer which is still yet to come. There will be two new babies by the time July rolls around and we will be home a lot, but that is good. I am excited.


Taniel in the Snow: Bridals

Taniel (like Ta-Kneel:) landed the perfect day for her bridals.. warm, mud, sunny, blue sky, mud, snow, mud and bird droppings. But really, it was the perfect day.. I love the way Taniel gives off that cool, calm and collected vibe in all her photos.. she was gorgeous. Thanks to future sister in laws for trooping along!