I am the meanest mommy..

So we were being "spur of the moment" tonight by taking our kids to the mall ( we make it a rule to NEVER take our three small children to the mall) for a bite to eat... next thing you know, we are in Claires getting Millie's ears pierced. Grandma Leslee had the lovely job of holding Millie's arms down while we shot her ears up full of 14k white gold 3mm balls. Really cute. And really mean. The sound of that earring gun gave me goosebumps. I really did forget how scary it is. My boys were hiding in the corner of the store plugging their ears. They were way more worried than Millie. She just knew she was getting earrings and a sucker. It all worked out and we've all gotten over the trauma.. a little Pudding on the Rice and a ride on the carousel did the trick.

Sledding with the Kindygarteners

Cole's kindy-garten class went tubing today for a field trip and I was one of the tag-along parents.. instead of being a good supervisor and making sure the kids didn't run into trees, I just pulled out my camera and enjoyed myself. I love this age! I think if we could freeze our kids at age 5, it would be heaven. They are old enough to have great conversations with, they can come with us to movies and the store and actually be enjoyable and they appreciate us, yet they are still innocent to everything. I could squeeze them all! We had a blast!


Valentines Open House

My Sister in Law is hosting a super fun Valentines Shopping Open house at her LOVELY home in Indian Hills coming up on February 12th.. Lots of fun people will be there with lots of fun stuff.. from Modbe and their new 2008 swim line to Ashae Boutique with their designer denim. (I might even have a little corner with some photo incentives and discounts!) This will be an all day thing, from 11am until 7pm and as always, there will be yummy food. Click on the flyer below for more info -


Just a little more of the Mackays..

Can someone explain how you go about having a baby (which isn't super easy) and then coming home to be all beautiful, like you never gave birth? AND... fitting into NON-stretchy clothes when the baby is 2 days old? Hmmmm.. raise your hand if you think Lindsey Lou is kind of cute and really amazing - These are some of my ALL time favorite pics.. maybe because they are my family, but here's the slideshow link and you be the judge.

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Just wanted to let you guys know (that haven't heard yet,) about Bloglines - It's awesome! It notifies you when your favorite blogs have updated so you don't have to go through all your fav blogs everyday.. just have bloglines notify you! I love it. Here's the link - http://www.bloglines.com/

I'll leave you with a sneak peak for Jon & Brittney - :) Have a good day!


Reggie Sneak Peak..

This is a sneak peak for my sister of the CUTEST pics we did..


Hot Hot Hot Announcements

So after the birth of my second nephew, I got on major baby overload.. I had these new birth announcements in the making but finally got them done. They are the sweetest things you've ever seen.. seriously. They are 5x5, printed on linen paper (NOT photo paper) front and back. They also include cute parchment envelopes. The image on the left is the front and the one on the right is the back. Please start having babies so you can send one of these beauties out! More info can be found here
(please remember these are copyright protected.. thanks for sharing the love)

Winter Baby

Sweetest baby you'll ever meet.. this little Caitlyn girl..


Little Baby Mackay's Birth Story...

REGGIE NASH Mackay was born Jan. 14th at 6:45ish.. here's a few details. :) Congrats Linds, Tys and Owen! You can send all your congrats to the new mom here