It's Official..

Looks like we are moving to St. George. Totally unexpected. We don't have much time. Aaron's being transferred to an office there. I'm really really sad. I love my house. I love my family. I love my neighbors. I love our schools. I love my yard. I love Provo. I've never moved from here. Aaron says it's for the best and we'll learn all sorts of things and make new friends. I'm still sad. Change is hard for me and so I'm trying the best I can to see the positive and look forward to a new adventure. I sure hope we'll have visitors. And.. if anyone out there wants the best house in Provo and the best yard and cul de sac - my house needs a great family to live in it. We'll see how this "adventure" works out. :)


Ryan and Angela

Cousin Ryan is getting married soon and I was the lucky one who got to "capture" their sweet spirits - Ryan is one lucky dude to score hot stuff Angela. She's gorgeous.


Big Seester

The other night the boys took off to a football game so I asked Millie what she wanted to do... turns out she likes to have her picture taken, in new clothes with her hair done all fancy. We loaded the babies in the double jogger and went looking for a decent spot to document Millie's cuteness.. (if I don't say so myself) - We had a fun 6 minute photoshoot due to the sun leaving us and 2 hungry babies.
*Note* I apologize for overloading my blog with my family pictures lately... but it's MY blog, right? Gosh. And I will actually have REAL pics soon from some upcoming shoots that I have.
These pics were taken at 8:00pm using my 5D Mark II and 70-200 lens.. wide open.


Dance Party USA

So I was totally bored (what the?!) and decided to start a new tradition and have a back to school dance party. You were all totally invited, but for sure plan on coming next year! It was a great success thanks to everyone who showed their sweet dancing skills.. I am going to learn how to c-walk for the next party so stay tuned!

Anne and Jenny gossiping

Sister doing the "walking robot"

Grandma Patty chillin with Jones


On a lighter note...

I have started booking a *very VERY limited* number of weddings, starting in October - Email me for package and pricing information. It's going to be FUN!


To the awesome lady in Park City who couldn't help herself...

Dear Stranger Lady,
Thank you for your input and suggestions on how to properly feed my nearly two month old twins. I will take your ideas (like using a dropper to feed breast milk to my babies and hiring a nanny to take care of my 3 older children so I can solely focus on my new babies) and throw them in the garbage. I appreciate that you "can't believe" that I would feed my babies formula in a bottle, and even though it's none of your business, I want you to know that I'd exhausted all other options and a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. Next time, I won't deliver my breech babies via cesarian because, gasp!!, it isn't "natural" and that's why babies develop thrush. Also, stranger lady, (who has EXCLUSIVELY breast fed all 4 of her children thankyouverymuch), I am so thankful that you were able to let me know that the cures for mastitis and bleeding nipples and thrush are to push forward and pump once per hour and under no circumstances, never, ever give those babies "store bought un-natural" formula.
Sincerely, with much appreciation and sarchasm (which is the only way I know how to deal with uncomfortable situations and totally rude people),

Photo of twins taken one month ago at their one month mark