Goodbyes and Cute Babies

Sunday we bid farewell to Provo. The day after Halloween we head south. One last hurrah in the county of Utah. We are living with parents who are kind and are taking care of us but I think they are ready for us to be on our way so they can have their house back, minus 5 children. I wanted one last photo in front of the house that has been soooooo good to us. So here is our attempt at a tripod photo, 5 minutes before church last week. It'll do. And..... the babies have grown so much in the past few weeks.. I blinked and they are nearly adults.


Email.. argggghhhhh

If you have emailed me and haven't heard back.. it's not because I am ignoring you... it's because my email decided to add more stress and problems to my life. Please check your spam folders for my replys. In the meantime, just call me.. 801-427-3976 or contact me via facebook. (I still can't believe I joined facebook... I swore I'd never..)
AND.. several people have contacted me about doing weddings up here in the Provo/SLC Areas after I move to St George and yes, I will still be traveling up north to shoot here and there. I am offering 20% off ALL weddings that are booked with me until the end of the year.. the weddings don't have to take place this year, they just must be booked by the end of December. I'm hoping to meet all sorts of fun people to shoot in St. George! :)


Angela Bridals

Angela and Ryan were married this past week which means I'm safe to post her bridals.. (even though he totally peeked anyways! Ryan!) .. it was a beautiful day.. I am blessed with lovely relatives with whom I was able to spend the entire day with. I love love love October weddings.. I think they just might be my favorites.



I'm the worst with change. I like things to stay the same. But things have been changing a lot lately, which means... It's time for me to learn some lessons. What are all these challenges and trials teaching me? I'm not sure yet, but I'm trying to keep my chin up and face things with a good attitude.. (which is super hard to do and most of the time I don't!) In the end, these changes won't mean much and I'll still have my family. I really am lucky.
(plus... having bad days means jammies all day and no makeup.. bonus!)