8 months ago...

It was June and it was hot and I was miserable and fat and tired. Time is all a blur for me. The past 8 months have flown, mostly due to the fact that we moved away from everyone we love and have had to adapt and work hard and jump in to everything new. I feel bad for my babies who deserve to have a mom who isn't stressed and tired (most of the time) because they are so darn sweet. They'll never remember, right? :) Maggie's on the go now. She is aggressive and funny and independent and easy.. (except for at night) She keeps herself busy and entertained - Jones is just now rolling and sitting and being a cool cat. He's happy to sit in your lap and sing songs. He's mister sensitive and doesn't like Maggie attacking him. He is an angel at night.. which saves our lives!
I know, I know,.. the twins are never dressed in the pictures I post. I'm barely able to get myself dressed. Give me a break.



A quick peek of baby Zachy.. almost related to me.. a sweet baby of a cousin to a sister's husband. Lucky me! :)


K + T = Bridals in the Blizzard

We all hope the wedding day will be warm. Enough said.



What about this cottage? Sigh. It would be dreamy to have the time and moolah to take on a project like this little guy.
It's perfect.
photos courtesy of cote de texas

Saturday Night

Boys @ Taco Bell, Millie sleeping on the floor, Me working, Babies Chillin


Katie & Tyson

The thing I love most about taking only a select few clients now is that I get to choose the BEST ones! he he.. and I can spend more time TORTURING them during their engagement session :) (Like making them spend 2 hours outdoors in 18 degree weather.) But oh hallelujah, it's so worth it! Katie and Tyson are rock stars.. see for yourself.