Orders.. roll 'em on in

Just a quick reminder to get those darn holiday orders in EARLY! Including Christmas Cards and anything you want or need by December.. I will NOT be doing any printing or order taking in December and this year I really mean it. I'm no longer Miss. Pushover Okay Just For You This One Time I'll Do It. No way. I am staying in my jammies the entire month of December, cooking, eating, playing, reading, enjoying. Hope you'll be doing the same. And for any of you sweet brides that are waiting on your Wedding Albums, you're the best and they are coming, I promise.. I just got bombarded with all sort of shiz and it's out of my control.. so they are coming SOON! Thanks for understanding. :)


Brandon & Nicole

I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much I absolutely love morning light.. It is so crisp and clean and warm and makes for the sweetest photos.. These are just the first few pics I've looked at.. we had a whole other wardrobe change and location and I haven't made it to those yet. For those that care, :) these were shot with my Canon 5D and I believe I used my 70-200 / 2.8 Canon lens on most, if not all, of these first shots. We started shooting at 9:30. :)


Michelle's Bridals

You know when the weather, light and bride are perfect and they all come together every so often? Well, this happened to us for Michelle's bridals.. I was a lucky girl and could have shot all night long. :)


Millie Moo, I love you


Announcing ... Christmas Card Winner..

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:17
Timestamp: 2008-10-16 23:22:19 UTC
Random #17... it's your lucky day.
#17 is k19 - we'll be in touch. :) I'm off to St. George for a bit of 85 degree weather.


For my BFF's: The Simpsons

I really can't get enough of the Simpsons, and they are one of the MAIN reasons I sometimes re-consider my "no more family photos" decision. I love them. I love their little Solee and I love their style, brains, funnies and the way they genuinely like to be around each other - I also have a new favorite photo.. the first one shown below. I want to enlarge it for MY house, I love it so much. I love the sun peeking through Solee's legs and Meri's teeny tiny baby girl bump. :)


Christmas Card Give-Away!!

So in keeping with tradition, I am giving away a set of Christmas Cards.. your choice of card and photos.. They DO NOT have to be photos I have taken... so you can try your luck even if I have never taken your pictures. You will receive a 25 pack including envelopes.. just comment with your name and email.. a winner will be chosen Thursday night through random.org. Ho ho ho
p.s. all the cards are shown below and there is a link on the right side of my blog as well.

3 quick peeks for Shannon

I have only looked through a few of these pics but I had to post the few that I did see.. :) More later..


Collection B Christmas Cards

Card 1 Front

Card 2 Back

Card 2 Front

Card 2 Back

Card 3 Front

Card 3 Back

Card 4 Front

Card 4 Back

Card 5 Front

Card 5 Back

Card 6 Front

Card 6 Back

Card 7 Front

Card 7 Back

Card 8 Front

Card 8 Back

Card 9 Front

Card 9 Back

Card 10 Front

Card 10 Back

Card 11 Front

Card 11 Back

Card 12 Front

Card 12 Back

Card 13 Front

Card 13 Back

Card 14 Front

Card 14 Back

Card 16 Front

Card 16 Back