Trampoline Hair

Oh how much entertainment I get from putting kids on the tramp and watching their hair.. why is that so funny to me? I'm not sure... (but it is!!)



Yup, it's official.. I am a middle aged mother of a school aged child.. sniff... I guess now I'm off to Sears to buy myself some high waisted mom jeans. Love you Cole. :)



Congrats to dkole (Nicole Scott) on being the weeeeeeiner of the Christmas Card giveaway! Nicole, please email me - haleyannwarner@yahoo.com and we'll get all the details taken care of! Have a good weekend!



To kick off the exciting pre-holiday season, I will be giving a complimentary set of 25 of my *lovely* 5x7 Christmas Cards to one lucky blogger (a $50 value) - Leave a comment or shoot me an email and I will randomly pick a winner this Friday, the 24th after 10pm.. You can use any picture you like... one I've taken or one you already have.. just choose which card you fancy and voila, you will be the most prepared person on your block with your cards all ready to mail in September. :) Good luck!
p.s. the cards are listed on the post below.


Christmas Cards

Below are the '07 Christmas Cards I will be offering this Holiday. I absolutely LOVE these cards! They are so cute printed!! Thanks to my cute *sample card* families!
5x7 cards printed on top '0 the line pro photo paper
$2.00 ea. with a minimum order of 25 cards
Envelopes included
Custom text available.. you can say what YOU want!
Orders must be placed by Dec. 5th to guarantee Christmas delivery.. No orders will be taken after the 5th.. sorry.. (I like to enjoy my holidays.)


Lazy Blogger

So is it just me, or does anyone else feel EXTREME pressure to keep the blog updated and post more than once a week? Don't be afraid to admit it... Wow.. how people can keep such an up-to-date blog is beyond me - I will update soon, just not today.. but here's a Millie montage because even lazy bloggers know that people need some eye candy. :)