Acey (aka: ACE)

You know when you have your first child and are so excited to pick out all the new gear.. crib, carseat, STROLLER! You should see the stroller these guys got! It's my dream stroller... it's lime green and it's a bugaboo..
I would have another child right now if I knew I could have one of those beauties! Oh, and little Baby Ace is gonna rock that stroller! He's quite the man! :)


The Beach: LAGUNA

Let me just say that I now really know why hordes of people want to (and do) live in Southern California. It's just dang pretty... and warm (er than Utah) ... all year. The kids enjoyed the beach other than the sand! I just have kids who strangely don't like to be dirty or have "things" in their toes and on their hands. Other than the sand, :) we loved the beach!


Annie and Nolan: The Wedding

These two were married on a cold, rainy (sleet-ey) day inside a BEAUTIFUL church in Park City. It was very romantic, I thought. Don't we all like to be snuggled up inside when it's cold, dark and moody outside? Fun for them! The entire wedding party was model gorgeous and of course, I loved their bold and simple choice of colors.. black and red.

My favorite was that the groomsmen got stuck in the church's nursery to get ready in