Megan's Bridals

There aren't many things that are more fun (in my opionion) than taking bridal portraits of hot chicks who know how to work their shiz... Megan is one of those gals - she is beautiful and worked that lens! Check her out: http://www.haleyannwarner.photosite.com/MeganCallahan/


Still sexy in their 30's, 40's and 60's!

So last winter when I was VERY pregnant, a few sister in laws and I went to Vegas for a getaway. During our wild and crazy weekend, (tee hee) we went to a live taping of The View - None of us were View watchers, we just heard there were going to be some fabulous guests! Roseanne Barr and the Chippendales... need I say more?! We must have been looking pretty fine that early 6am morning because one of the producers asked us if we'd like to sit in the front VIP section. Wow. What a view. We could practically smell Barbara Walter's parfum. Suddenly, without warning, some cheesy strip tease music starts blaring and out come the Chippendales. We were dying.. my sister in law was playing paparazzi and snapping pictures like crazy... Now I took those pictures and had a hay day in photoshop switching a few heads here and a few heads there. My father in law (left), husband (middle) and brother in law (front) were the victims. They each received a lovely framed version for Christmas and boy were they ever proud. "Man, I look good. That really looks like me, seriously." Notice how my father in law actually does look sweaty, as if he had truly just given the performance of a lifetime! Fun times, I tell you.


New Website.... (It's About Time!)

So my new website is FINALLY live and fully functioning, (so far.) It's been a long process (6+ months) and I couldn't be happier that I'm done with this project. If I have to look at my pics one more time... arghhhhh. Really though, thanks for all your referrals, help, encouragement and suggestions. Check it out!


The Bride Diana

This beautiful bride is caffeine's cousin.. she was so lovely. I sometimes wonder why MY bridal portraits were so awful... was it the photographer? Was it my dress? Was it my updo? Was it the indoor session with the brown paint splotted background? I may never know. But Diana's bridals were a fun challenge for me.. being mostly indoors (not a fan of indoor shoots.) The whole session is at: http://www.haleyannwarner.photosite.com/DianaBridals/


Back to Work...

So it's back to work time... Love it... Okay, maybe I don't love it. It was so nice to have a few days off and actually enjoy my family and BREATHE. Strange how the holidays FLY by, isn't it? Next thing you know, it's the gross, depressing inversion filled month of January. This is definitely the time of year to either keep busy doing something or fly away to ANY spot with a beach. We can't afford the beach option so I will choose the keeping busy option and fill my days with pictures. These are of a California babe named Lexi.. We did these pics in about 15 minutes (they were 45 minutes late) :) and they turned out darling. Fast and efficient, right? All of Lexi's pics can be seen at: