Week in Review

So last weekend, I left my family for the night and traveled all the way up to the big city of Salt Lake for a sleepover with my mom and sis. We hit a few (okay, many) consignment shops and enjoyed the looks we got driving around town in our stoner style Dodge Ram... hey, we had to drive it so we could fit all our purchases in the back. Although it was a girl's weekend, little Millie was not invited and had to stay home with dad and brothers. Sorry Millie.

Later, during the week, some dear cousins arrived from out of town and we took ALL the precious kids to McDonalds for lunch so we could visit. We really didn't get much visiting done. Too much reproducing going on in our family. See picture below.

One of my favorite things that happenend all week was when my fav. girls were able to accompany me to dinner for an early 30th celebration (mourning) - whatever, I still have one week until the big day.. so I'm still hip. Anyway, we had a fabulous evening eating and listening to Anne's stories, looking at Courtney's shoes & boobs and opening presents (my true fav.)

Anne (with child), Me, Amber, Court & Jamie (not pictured: Wendy and Linds)

What?! You don't have a pink razor? Whatever. I got the memo and so did Jame and Court.

There we have Anne, Wendy and She She.

p.s. My other fav. moment of the week was meeting Jamie's little Trey Jones - we took his precious pics. Too cute. They can be found here: http://www.haleyannwarner.photosite.com/Trey/


3 Cheers for Grandma Patty & Grandpa Chuck

This is a salute to my lovely grandparents (seen here with their great-grandchildren) for all their hard work, sacrifice and smiles they have shared with us.
I love my grandparents because
1) They still have the Puff the Magic Dragon eight track that we can listen to anytime we want
2) Potluck every third Sunday of the month. Yummmmy
3) Easter Egg Hunts for the kiddies with MONEY in the eggs (it's more a competition for the adults, really.)
4) Babysitters, anytime, really, they love it!
5) Chinese Checkers Tournament on Christmas Eve
6) Sweet, unexpected phone calls just to check up on us
7) They are sweet Temple workers
8) Vinyl stickers can be found on their windows for each and every holiday
9) Grandma's weekly hair appointment that Grandpa goes with her to every time.
10) They made my dad


My Homeys, the Hobby's

The Hobby family is gorgeous.. let me state the obvious. Each one of them. Look at mommy Ashley's hair.. are you kidding me?! She should audition for a Pantene commercial, or better yet, a Paul Mitchell commercial!


In the market for kids

Allow me to introduce the Jones family from San Clemente, California. Mike is my husband's cousin. They are an awesome family who have recently adopted little Gabe. They are anxious to add to their family and have put together an adoption website in hopes of finding a birth mother who is considering giving her child up for adoption. Check it out and pass the word along. Thanks!


Things I saw and things I did: Vegas Weekend

So I was saddened to learn that I would be missing my dear friend Cjane's big 30th party last weekend when my husband informed me that we would be carting the kids down to Vegas for the big WAC tournament - It wasn't a complete downer after all. We had a great time and I even got to sit behind the most interesting hair-do my eyes have ever laid eyes on at one of the BYU games. Wow... I guess part of the experience for me was watching the touching of the hair the whole game, as if to make sure it was still there - the entire bottle of aqua net was his insurance policy guaranteeing the hair to remain in tact the entire game. (enjoying a hot dog in between hair touching) p.s. I aplogize for the poor quality of pics.. cheap digi camera

After the hair experience, we stopped in Snow Canyon for Sand Dune fun

Note how sympathic I am when Will cries from getting sand in his eyes.. I stand and smile.. Aaron takes a picture and we ignore him. :)


Little Birds

This is little baby Noah Bird. I have loved taking the Bird Family pics for the past 4 years. They are all DARLING and fun! 5 kids and mommy Bird looks FANTASTIC.


Mika - Grace Kelly

Loving this! Soooo great!


Megan and Evan: The Wedding

Oh, Weddings.. what fun! I can't wait for the warm weather to come, however. I am sick of all the snow capes and hand warmers.

I couldn't resist posting this last pic.. I really love catching kids doing things that would TOTALLY embarras their parents!