Don't turn me in to Child Services

I'm not sure anyone has seen these photos, maybe caffeine and CJane have... and to be honest, I'm not sure why I'm advertising the fact that my 2 year old did a face plant on the asphault the day I took him out for his 2 year old photo shoot. It's just that he looks so cute all beaten up and crying, doesn't he? No, really, we had gotten out of the car, he was in the stroller and bam, down he went, face first onto the road. This was months ago, so I guess I can smile now, but let me tell you, I had to keep him in lockdown at home until he healed for fear of being turned in to the authorities. Serious.


I'm New Here

So, I'm new to this whole blogging world. I'm not sure what to say.. um.. well, I guess I just want to be able to keep in touch with my "blogging friends" and in order to do that, I must have my own blog? Does that sound right? Well, I will work hard to post very interesting, uplifting, comical and amusing things, okay "blogging friends?"