On Jan. 4th, my good friend had her world turned upside down when her cute little 8 year old Jace, started his shirt on fire with a lighter. This accident sent Jace to the emergency room down here in St George where they found he needed to be flown to the U of U Burn Center in Salt Lake City for treatment. He has extensive burns covering more than a quarter of his body and now they have taken skin from the areas that were spared, for grafting, which makes more than half of his body an open wound. Our neighbors immediately came up with the idea for Race for Jace as a way to help with the Carlson's expenses and to show our support. We also wanted our children to get involved and see a community pull together for a family who is in need. This race is going to be a huge family event. We want families to come and run or walk together and support the Carlson Family. After the run, there will be authentic mexican food available as well as a bake sale. Live music will be performed by "Erik the Red" and there will be train rides and activities for kids. The Race for Jace website is http://www.raceforjace.com/ and the facebook page is found here. Hope to see lots of you there!


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Heatha said...

This is so sad, I cannot imagine what they are going through. If we are in town that early that month we will SO support and run this. Look like you guys have such a great community out there.