Vegas Sessions

I am planning a trip to Vegas to shoot some photo sessions if anyone is interested.. most likely the first of February.. email me at haleyannwarner@yahoo.com for details and firm dates. :)


Fuller Family said...

I know you will be super busy down here, but if you get a chance, you should call me and we can go get some Frozen Yogurt at one of our stores. I would love it!
And then, when I am done being pregnant, I will have to get you to take some pictures of the kids when we are in Utah. You are so talented!


Jenny Slingerland said...


I hope you are planning staying with the Chu/Slingerland family! We're so much more fun than Circus-Circus and our home is more beautiful than Bellagio! Seriously, let's talk! Also, I have a friend who'd like some pics taken of their cute family of 3.

Love ya,

Angela Fielding Photography said...

Gorgeous little red head!!