The Tagging Game.. yet again!

My sister-like cousin tagged me with a 2007 version of the "game" - I am doing this for her, as I love her LOTS, but the tagging stops here! Promise! I'm really not that interesting.

2007 in retrospect:

GREATEST MEMORY - One of my greatest memories is watching my sister run the Boston Marathon with my mom and spending a week laughing and exploring Boston & NY with them.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT - Growing my business past the point I can handle alone.

GREATEST HEARTACHE - Watching my oldest baby head off for Kindergarten knowing he will hear and see things I'm not ready for him to see and hear.

GREATEST EPIPHANY - Realizing that I'm 30 and I need to slow down and enjoy my kids EVERY DAY.

GREATEST YOUTUBE VID - I just watch old Michael Jackson vids with my husband and laugh.

GREATEST MOVIE - Waitress. I really really loved it but I must admit that it's not the most uplifting movie.

GREATEST RECORD - Mika, My VERY favorite

GREATEST CONCERT - No concerts last year, but almost the Fray.

GREATEST MOMENT OF IMMATURITY - Throwing a tantrum to my husband about it"not being fair" that he gets out of the house more than I do.

GREATEST AREA OF GROWTH - Learning patience, humility and life priorities while balancing photography and family... (still working on it)

GREATEST MOMENT - It was a good year, all and all, lots of good memories - trips, starting school, NEW CAMERA!


Jana said...

You are darling! I LOVE that pic of your cute family. Your year sounds a lot like mine. :)

Betina said...

Hey, you should consider this...

There are very few photographers in UT. Of course, not like you are busy enough already or anything....

Britnee said...

You're too amazing! I love that picture with the piano! Let's remember that for next time. Anyway, love your guts!

K19 said...