Week in Review

So last weekend, I left my family for the night and traveled all the way up to the big city of Salt Lake for a sleepover with my mom and sis. We hit a few (okay, many) consignment shops and enjoyed the looks we got driving around town in our stoner style Dodge Ram... hey, we had to drive it so we could fit all our purchases in the back. Although it was a girl's weekend, little Millie was not invited and had to stay home with dad and brothers. Sorry Millie.

Later, during the week, some dear cousins arrived from out of town and we took ALL the precious kids to McDonalds for lunch so we could visit. We really didn't get much visiting done. Too much reproducing going on in our family. See picture below.

One of my favorite things that happenend all week was when my fav. girls were able to accompany me to dinner for an early 30th celebration (mourning) - whatever, I still have one week until the big day.. so I'm still hip. Anyway, we had a fabulous evening eating and listening to Anne's stories, looking at Courtney's shoes & boobs and opening presents (my true fav.)

Anne (with child), Me, Amber, Court & Jamie (not pictured: Wendy and Linds)

What?! You don't have a pink razor? Whatever. I got the memo and so did Jame and Court.

There we have Anne, Wendy and She She.

p.s. My other fav. moment of the week was meeting Jamie's little Trey Jones - we took his precious pics. Too cute. They can be found here: http://www.haleyannwarner.photosite.com/Trey/


Lindsey Lee said...

what about the time you babysat Owen for the like the 10th time this week? That wasn't your favorite part of the week? Whatever!
P.S. NIce profile of me and my pointy nose and giant head!

Bek said...

Beautiful girls and BEAUTIFUL baby... Jamie looks so good too... I love the shot of her holding him with his little naked bum peeking out..... in some shots he looks just like CJ and in others he has his own little look... so sweet!!

Happy birthday!

c jane said...

B-day Girl,
As that was your last LAST absolute LAST time arranging get togethers, I think we went out with a bang!
Except, now it's Wendy's turn don'tcha think?

c jane said...

I big time HEART Millie. I am going to have a tea party in my backyard for everybody to bring their children. Coming soon...

~j. said...

Looks like you had a beautiful time!

Which day is your birthday?

AzĂșcar said...

Hooray for 30th birthdays! Isn't it nice that Aaron will always be older than you?