3 Cheers for Grandma Patty & Grandpa Chuck

This is a salute to my lovely grandparents (seen here with their great-grandchildren) for all their hard work, sacrifice and smiles they have shared with us.
I love my grandparents because
1) They still have the Puff the Magic Dragon eight track that we can listen to anytime we want
2) Potluck every third Sunday of the month. Yummmmy
3) Easter Egg Hunts for the kiddies with MONEY in the eggs (it's more a competition for the adults, really.)
4) Babysitters, anytime, really, they love it!
5) Chinese Checkers Tournament on Christmas Eve
6) Sweet, unexpected phone calls just to check up on us
7) They are sweet Temple workers
8) Vinyl stickers can be found on their windows for each and every holiday
9) Grandma's weekly hair appointment that Grandpa goes with her to every time.
10) They made my dad


emilyanne said...

this is such a cute list...i LOVE my grandparents..actually, I should say grandparent, as I'm just down to one grandma now. but some of my sweetest memories are with them. you can tell from this little glimpse that yours must be really dear people. oh, and this is going to link you to a really old and out of date blog that i made a long time ago. i have a more current one in case you want to know who this commenting stranger is :) www.emilyanne.net

Bek said...

I love grandparents...... and what a beautiful family. :-)

AzĂșcar said...

I love that he goes with her to her hair appointment!

sue-donym said...

The world keeps getting smaller and smaller. I grew up with your wonderful grandparents in my ward. Great people. Tell them Skip & Joan's daughter say hi.

Lindsey Lee said...

Amen. Gpa Chuck and Gma Patty truly ARE the best. What about the forrest wallpaper they used to have in their house? That is a fond memory i have to say for myself.

more caffeine, please said...

I remember the forrest wallpaper! I love Pat and Chuck and the gifts y'all get for Christmas.