Things I saw and things I did: Vegas Weekend

So I was saddened to learn that I would be missing my dear friend Cjane's big 30th party last weekend when my husband informed me that we would be carting the kids down to Vegas for the big WAC tournament - It wasn't a complete downer after all. We had a great time and I even got to sit behind the most interesting hair-do my eyes have ever laid eyes on at one of the BYU games. Wow... I guess part of the experience for me was watching the touching of the hair the whole game, as if to make sure it was still there - the entire bottle of aqua net was his insurance policy guaranteeing the hair to remain in tact the entire game. (enjoying a hot dog in between hair touching) p.s. I aplogize for the poor quality of pics.. cheap digi camera

After the hair experience, we stopped in Snow Canyon for Sand Dune fun

Note how sympathic I am when Will cries from getting sand in his eyes.. I stand and smile.. Aaron takes a picture and we ignore him. :)


Lindsey Lee said...

what a mean mommy. No sympathy at all. Poor Will. Sand dunes look super fun. maybe next time we can get an invite! ;) Just because you are jealous of the poor man's (or womans for that matter) aqua net hairstyle, doesn't mean you can clown on the poor fella.

more caffeine, please said...

Isn't that Uncle Lum?

~j. said...

You were missed at the party!

I am SO GLAD you got a photo of that hair!

c jane said...

The hair?
The dunes?
The crying?
Waaaay more fun than the party.

(I seriously, seriously missed you and EVERYONE asked where you were, but Cougarfans are Cougarfans and we all know what that means.)

And also: Looking at your cute family creates a big lump in my throat and I get a little emotional. I am so proud of you and love you!

AzĂșcar said...

I love that picture of you and Will!

Bek said...

What a good looking family!! The color of the dunes is the color I want my walls to be... :-)

I didn't go to the party either (granted, I was not invited...but I figured I would put that out there)...

Meghan said...

Yeah, can you believe my crazy boy? You wouldn't think he had that kind of craziness in him from how shy he was being when you were over. ;) Cute pics in the sand! Can't wait to get the CD!! Thanks again!

Rebekah said...


You are hilarious! I love your last comment about ignoring Will. It makes me laugh so hard. I guess I'm super sympathetic too:)