Megan's Bridals

There aren't many things that are more fun (in my opionion) than taking bridal portraits of hot chicks who know how to work their shiz... Megan is one of those gals - she is beautiful and worked that lens! Check her out: http://www.haleyannwarner.photosite.com/MeganCallahan/


Lindsey said...

It also helps that you are an amazing photographer and make pictures look awesome! I wished we could have used you over the holiday, but it all turned out. There will be plenty more pictures to take of my chubby little Ava and her soon to be baby brother!

Lindsey Lee said...

Those are even hotter than her 1st ones. SHe is way cute, whats the deal! Is that at an art museum? Great job you...they should have american photographer..you would win.

Rebekah said...


I love your commentary "work their shiz." HILARIOUS.

These shots are so sexy and gorgeous. #2 is my fave. What a hot bride. She can definitely work the shiz!