New Website.... (It's About Time!)

So my new website is FINALLY live and fully functioning, (so far.) It's been a long process (6+ months) and I couldn't be happier that I'm done with this project. If I have to look at my pics one more time... arghhhhh. Really though, thanks for all your referrals, help, encouragement and suggestions. Check it out!


Lindsey Lee said...

Way to go GORDO! He sure did a good job and it turned out super darn cute! PS..what is up with those pics of Millie?! So cute i cant stand it. I want to eat her.

Rebekah said...

Wow!! It looks so great! The layout, the white backround...the IMAGES! It's amazing! Way to go girl!

nie nie said...

haley, i just checked out your photo page...simply wonderful.

good job to you, what a wonderful thing you are doing!

c jane said...

It is so fun to look at the pictures (set to music!)
Every time I have ever been to your website I always click on "seniors" thinking it is going to be senior citz (boy am I relieved!)
Anyway, remember when you took our wedding pictures that fateful day? Who knew you were going to be a high-demand photographer with a pretty portfolio?
(me, that is who!)

~j. said...

I love your website. It's so user-friendly (I hope that doesn't sound cheesy, I really mean it). You do a beautiful job.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Did I mention me likey? I don't think I did but I DO! Now if we could only meet and not hide behind megapixels ;o)