Whitney & James Wedding Part 1... AND Aug 6th!

So it looks like I will be up in Utah and Salt Lake Counties on Saturday, Aug. 6th and will be able to fit in a few sessions.. Call or email me ASAP if ya want. :)
And since I'm only blogging like every 3 weeks, I figured I should at least get these first pics up of Whitney and James' wedding. They are the best and I loved being a part of their wedding. Really. I'm not just sayin' that. They are cool and we would hang out if we lived in the same town. Right? Whitney? James? Right? :)







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Stephanie said...

unbelieveable photos!! awesome job! so vibrant and unique!!

and, the bridesmaid dresses are amazing! do you happen to know where they're from?

LOVE your blog and your work!! thank you for sharing!