June 15th.. Twinners are 2!!

Two years ago today, I became a little less selfish.. a little more patient.. and a LOT more convinced that my family is the single most important thing for me to spend my time and energy on. I love Maggie and Jones for helping put things into perspective for me.. for forcing me to slow down and re-evaluate... and for giving me the SURPRISE of a lifetime!! We celebrated the twins bday a few days ago since my family was in town.. here's a quick rundown. :)

p.s. If anyone wants the name and # of my personal chef/cake maker (wink wink).. email me and I'll get you her info. She has serious talent.









Jessica said...

J&M are so extraordinarily cute! I LOVE that you had twins. What a sweet ending to your family.

Jenny Wilson said...

cutest kids ever!!!!!

Congrats on 2 years! that is an accomplishment!

So where do you get (or who do you know) your cute b-day cakes? Crew will be 1 before I know it! I need to start planning... ha ha! I saw a cute cake on your blog a few posts back, and have been wanting to ask you!

Jessica Reeves said...

They are SO cute!! Happy birthday!

Summer said...

I love them! Happy Birthday Maggie and Jones!! Miss you guys!

Kaylie Photography said...

All of your kids are adorable! How fun! Family first is definitely the most important! You're a GREAT example!!:)

Jenny Slingerland said...

Happy Birthday!!! How cute are these kids? Miss ya!

Brenna LaPray said...

Haley...they are both so darling and so grown up. You made it to TWO!! Don't you feel like you can accomplish anything now?!? I know I did. I love their cakes! Happy Birthday Maggie and Jones!