R4J.. and Mini Shoots!!

Last weekend we had the Race for Jace here in Santa Clara and it was amazing. So many people showed up and it made all the stress and planning completely worth it. Little Jace and his darling family were all there and the community ended up raising over $16K for Jace.


(the "Race for Jace planning committee")

And.. in other news :)... I will be shooting up in Utah County the weekend of March 26th so let me know if you're up for a mini shoot. I am booking no more than 5 shoots this time so email me if you're interested. haleyannwarner@yahoo.com

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Denise said...

Hi Hayley,
Hey, I have a friend that is trying to get a place in St. George from March 16th-19th. Are your parents still renting out their place and is it available? Will you let me know?