Vacation Home-ooh la la

My parents bought a home down here in gorgeous Southern Utah earlier this year and have decided to rent it out to anyone who is clean and fun and loves St George. :) My dad has recently taken a temporary job out of state and so they won't be able to spend as much time down here as they'd like.. The home is located in Desert Hills, St George, UT. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and is brand spankin new. There is a community pool as well as a fun park and splash pad within walking distance. They are charging $75 per night
Soooooo, contact me if you're interested or have any questions! haleyannwarner@yahoo.com Click here for more info and photos of the neighborhood.


Tiffy!! said...

Can I move in full time??

Liz Bear said...

Oh Haley We would so love to do that! Damien is looking for a new job so when that happens, we would love to come down and rent their home for a couple of nights!! I was talking to Pam the other day and made the joke that you and us should do a house swap for a weekend!! You guys could get to enjoy your old digs and we could enjoy some sun. Oh how I dislike winter here in provo (poor me, I know) But that would just be creepy for you to be in your old house with other peoples stuff in it. lol

Haley said...

Tiff.. you can move in full time to MY house if you'll nanny.

Liz.. how fun to do a house swap! It wouldn't be creepy at all.. the house is probably lookin waaaaay better than when we lived in it! :) Winters are a bummer in Provo, thats for dang sure! Come visit in St George.. really!