October Mini Shoots

K.. I finally got around to scheduling a weekend in Oct. to come to Utah County for some mini shoots.. I will be shooting the morning of Sat. Oct 23rd. Shoot me an email to schedule.. haleyannwarner@yahoo.com I have already promised a few slots to some VIPS (fer realz) so let me know ASAP. I will leave you with a photo of our Red Rock Relay Team from this past weekend. We were team, "We're Kind of a Big Deal" - and we were.. and we still are. :)


Dave said...

What a great look'n team...and yes, you all are "kind of a big deal" (breath Les breath)

Summer said...

Our family would love to schedule some photo's around the end of November, or sometime in December, if you will be around?! If not, maybe we could come down there?! Let me know!

Kristi said...

That's weird! Weren't there like 12 members on that team? I was "taking one for the team" and running whilst these Barneys where taking pictures!