Wend & Travis: Engaged!

Oh dear, this is so fun for me! One of my favorite friends EVER is getting married to a boy who really really adores her. Wendy is one of a kind and Travis is a lucky guy!
Some random FYI's about Wendell:
She could (should) be in the Olympics
She has worked/taught at Sundance forever.. (13 years maybe??)
She makes good cookies.. and german pancakes
We met in 7th grade Biology
She ran the Salmon River as a guide for many years
Trav and Wend will make Pinedale, WY their new home
Can't wait for the big day.. less than a month!









Jenny Slingerland said...

Yay! Love you Wendy! Great pics!

A and R said...

Perfectly beautiful couple! Love the pics. I vote that Travis leave his hat off more often....I dig the bald head. :)
Cool ski lift pic!

mandmstrong said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful work, all the pics turned out amazing! You are so talented. I just wish we lived closer so I could have you take pictures of my family more often.


Dave said...

Wendy is so awesome...I remember her and you sking at Park City. Well, her sking and you!!!!!! Enough said (luv the pics, you're such a pro...) Give Wendy a Cannon and see how shes does.....

l.g. mcfifi said...

love the ski lift one

Marsha Lueck said...

I am a friend of Summer Whalen, I have meet you on several occasions. My family now lives in Vegas. I totally know Wendy, taught with her up at Sundance.. she is amazing! I am happy to see that she has found someone amazing! Love the photos, what a great couple!