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Anyone ever hiked Orderville Canyon? It's in Zions and it's beautiful but I got about 7 injuries throughout the day hiking the darn canyon, as well as almost everyone else in our group. Don't go if you're not a fan of falling and bruising and banging and twisting and spraining parts of your body.

What about the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon? Not my favorite race ever. It took about 2 weeks to make it to our hotel (motel) after traveling through the mountains and what not and then we didn't even really get to see Bryce during the run. I think I'll stick with the Hobble Creek Half.
And then there's the ever so popular Wasatch Back. One of my favorites for sure, but it's getting way too HUGE and crowded and the rules are getting pretty out of control.. but there's nothing like it! We are running the Red Rock Relay for the first time next month and we'll see how the two compare.
Any other fun races/hikes/adventures I need to know about before summer's completely gone?

Orderville Canyon

Bryce Half
Wasatch Back

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Dave said...

Rated one of the top 10 overall summers for me....I loved the races we did this year and the company was A+