Summer so far...

We're off to spend time with family for a bit up north. It will be good times. A little Balloon Fest, a little running, stadium of fire, a few bbq's, a lot of food, plenty '0 swimming. Can't wait. So far this summer has been very low key and I've loved it..


Thank heavens for a great neighborhood and great neighbors.. we are always entertained



Story of my life: Maggie tormenting/teasing/poking sensitive little Jones



Playdough equals mess which equals fun for Millie



Are my babies ever dressed? No




More Caffiene, Please said...

I love these pictures! Especially Millie with her hand on her hip all sassy while doing playdough. Where does she get that?!

Holly Park said...

Alright--that train mobile thing is too cute. And as for naked babies--isn't that how we/they like it best? One of these days we'll get together now that we're closer!

Katie said...

haley, you have the cutest family. Love all the pictures. they are beautiful (kiddos and pics).

Diana said...

Sniff, sniff. I miss living in Utah especially this time of year. Sounds like you have some fun plans. Have a fabulous weekend.

Lindsey said...

I genuinely think you have the cutest family. ever. I could just squeeze them all.

Maybe it is a crush of sorts.

Not to mention that I love the way you capture life!

vanessa said...

What a beautiful family!!