The College Grad

My little seester Lindsey used to go everywhere with me. Even on dates. Yes, I would take Lindsey with me on dates... bowling, movies, dinner, you name it, she came with me. She is 6 years younger than me so she was in elementary school during these dating rendezvous. I loved having her with me... she would give me her opinions on the guys and let me know if they measured up to her standards. Pretty soon, these guys started being extra nice to Lindsey in hopes of getting a good word in. She got all sorts of treats and compliments and flirtings. So so funny. I'm still not sure why anyone even wanted to go on a date with me knowing that my 11 year old sister would be there!

Then there was the Sunday night journal writing. Lindsey and I would turn on FM100 and get out our journals. We would lay there forever, writing about the week and talking about boys. I have about 20 journals from those days and now writing in my journal doesn't happen because it's just not the same without FM100 and Lindsey.

One time Lindsey and I got trapped on a mountain. It's true. We were trapped. We were supposed to be home leaving for Lake Powell with our family and we decided to take a last minute hike up behind our house. Bad idea. I think Lindsey ended up bum sliding all the way down through shrubbery and prickly trees, scraping and cutting herself the whole way. I have never laughed harder. (even though it was flippin scary)

Now Lindsey is a grown woman, with a husband, a house, lovely children and *almost* a college degree. She has been working and working towards this graduation and a big sister couldn't be more proud. I love her so much and know she will make a difference in the lives of her family and others around her. She is compassionate, strong, determined and lights up a room when she walks in. I'm so proud of you little seester.. you're beautiful. :)







Kara said...

She is as cute as ever and still on of my favorite friends! Congrats linds!! LOVE YOU LOTSSSSS!!!!!

More Caffiene, Please said...

So, so cute! Who doesn't love Lindsey? She is the best. These pictures are beautiful.

Jessica said...

I only remember four/five year old Lindsey and she was adorable but seeing wife/mom/college grad Lindsey is amazing. Holy hotness.

DeweesClan said...

Love coming to your blog for sweet stories like this! I can't wait until our daughter has a sister! So wonderful what you guys have!

Lindsey Lee said...

ahhh...tear. Thanks seester. Couldn't do it without ya! XOXO

ALi said...

Still beautiful as ever, love lindsey too, great photos!

Lance and Becky said...

These are gorgeous! Lindsey, you are a beauty queen, and couldn't be more beautiful! Love the pictures! Next time you're in town...wanna take our family pictures :) I just can't seem to wrap my head around anyone else taking our pictures :)

Lacey said...

Stunning! I need to know where she got that skirt! CUTE!!!

Dave said...

A Proud Dad for SURE...I luv the girls in my life. They are smart, talented, cute and STUDS.