Ever feel like this?

I feel like this a lot lately.

Untitled from David Henson on Vimeo.


Lindsey Lee said...

Jones face is AWESOME! So classic. I love those guys...but for heavens sake, feed the poor babies.

AzĂșcar said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute, and you must be so miserable!

Betina said...

I want to feel sympathetic, but those babies are just so darn cute I can't help but smile.

Sorry it's bum day.

marykaye said...

I know, right???? They are sooooo cute but it's so sad when you feel like you don't have enough arms or even space on your body to snuggle them both up and make them feel better.

But hey, everybody feel better after a good cry, right?;)

Hopefully the giggles outweigh the cries...Hang in there!

Holly Park said...

Oh how we relate! Our little Luke is a sympathy crier, so once Zach gets going it's a monkey-show. That's exciting that you're headed to St. George--we are entertaining a move to Vegas, so at least Matt and Aaron can rendezvous to carry on their T-bird pride with St. George/Vegas escapades. BTW, how do you keep your house so clean with all of your little ones!! Amazing!

Megan Miley and Chris said...

I read your sister Lindsey's blog and your little boy looks just like Reggie!

Brenna LaPray said...

That is the cutest thing ever!! I know it's hard to believe but seeing that actually makes me miss those days.

haylie said...

hey haley,
you probably don't remember me, i emailed you about having twins a few months ago. i see that you finally had them! congratulations--they are so adorable!

anyway, i lost track of your blog until cjane posted your cuteness of a nursery on "dear cjane". i just had to comment because i just laughed at this video. i posted a video just like it when mine were teeny too... (http://haylieb.typepad.com/haylie_b_photography/2007/12/anxiousanyone-a.html). so weird because i just happened upon it again while my daughter and i were looking at old blog posts the other day and i totally bawled remembering how tiny they were and how crazy life was.

anyway, just wanted to say congratulations. what a blessing to have those beautiful babies! start paying yourself a nickel right now for every time someone tells you, "you've got your hands full, don't ya'?" because YOU WILL BE STINKING RICH BY THE TIME THEY ARE 2!! ha ha

good luck to you and your move to st. george!