My Tough Teammate & the Wasatch Back

One of my favorite experiences from last June was the Wasatch Back race that I ran with my family and several great friends. As this year's race approaches, (less than one month!) I have mixed emotions...
a)I won't be participating because I will be running a marathon from the delivery room
as I give birth to my two babies.. (can't wait!!)
b)The babies and the race are "due" the exact same day(s)
c)This year's team will be running in honor of our tough and unstoppable teammate from last year, Stephanie, who won't be able to run this year, but is planning on next year!! (Along with her hubby, Christian)
I am so thankful for Stephanie's example to all of us of facing adversity.. getting up every morning to a challenging situation, facing it and moving forward. She is truly inspiring and I thank her for helping me put things into perspective and teaching me how to gracefully deal with the challenges, oppositions and life changing events that have and will come my way.
"When it is dark enough, you can then see the stars"

Steph and Linds from last week

Here are a few pics from last years race.. awwwww, good memories
The team, finished!

Big Dave and Steph

Mama Leslee

Meredith, Linds, Steph

Me, all tuckered out


Meg said...

Aww that's so cool!! I want to run that someday. I don't know Stephanie, but I read her blog and she is one amazing woman. Really inspiring. How cool that your team will be running in honor of her. Way to go. :)

Oh and good luck in the delivery room. I can't even imagine!!

photography by Mikki said...

Gosh, you make me want to go out running right now! We ran the marathon 3 years ago, and that was the end of running:( I am getting back into it, starting today! The first picture of Stephanie's hand needs to be a massive canvas print, it's touching and amazing. It's says a thousand words.

Kara said...

seriously I thought that hand belonged you your cute sister Linds. I want you to know that you and lindsey both inspire me! I love you guys! You are my favorite Love ya! Good luck with your big "D" day!

Callan and Jaci said...

Hey- We are doing awesome!! Its so crazy that its already been 2 years! Time flies when your having fun ;)Hope youre doing well, congrats on your new babies!

Dave said...

Super Post. I love the pic of Steph and Linds...that will make one great T-shirt memory. We will miss both you and Steph in the Vans this year....but we'll be thinking about you two for 26hrs33mins14secs.......or there abouts!!