Happy BDay Millie (better late than never)

Millie had a birthday WAY back in April and as a blogging mother, isn't it a rule you have to post their bday pictures? Well, it seems like it's a rule or else you're a neglectful and lazy mom.. so happy late bday Millie.. we love you.
Special Thanks to Mom who was kind enough to come to Millie's Princess Tea Party dressed as Snow White, even though the wig was so scary you couldn't take your eyes off it.. and for making the goodie bags and bringing the cake and cleaning up and staying at my house all day while I contracted and hosted bday celebrations.

We upgraded the belly princess dress to a little more classy Aurora ensemble


brit said...

i liked the belly dancer princess look:) she looks darling! & so did leslie:) love the pics... as always!

Mauri said...

Millie is a beauty! I love those blue eyes of hers.

More Caffiene, Please said...


My ouji board is telling us that Grandma Lucy want's her wig back... and her red lipstick.

'Niece and I are loving grandma Les's outfit. Is she for hire (as Snow White, that is). Does Grandpa Dave have a little Dwarf costume?