Bethany: Bridals

Funny story... Bethany emails me one day and says "where are we meeting for my bridals today?" I look at the calendar and realize that her bridals are actually scheduled for the FOLLOWING day.. I call her and say, "tomorrow is the big bridal day, dear" - She gets really nervous and says, "I just finished getting my hair done and I have my bouquet and we are on our way down there and what should we do?!" Turns out... it was meant to be.. we made it work for that day and being spontaneous paid off. Her bridals were one of my favorite shoots ever! Yay for messed up schedules!


missliss5/Melissa said...

Wow---I can see why. I have so many favorites I'd be listing 1/2 of the pictures if I tried to name them all. AMAZING!

More Caffiene, Please said...

These are beautiful - some of my favorites that you've ever done.

And tell me you were at the Vanilla Ice concert. Backup dancer anyone?

rookie cookie said...

her hair
her dress details

Nice work. Beautiful pix, beautiful bride.

Amanda said...

that is such a great story! i am always worried i am going to get the wrong day! haha! i am glad it all worked out! gorgeous pictures too!

Mac said...


What great pictures!

Hayley said...

SOOOOOOO beautiful. I love the soft mood of it all. Sometimes not being prepared is the best kick in the pants to get creative!

Angela Fielding said...

Haley- I love these! They turned out so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images!!!

Blush said...

omgolly gee molly goodness. perfect ....ps i was soooooo fun to finally meet you! thanks for the chit chat