Pregnant in Vegas

A quick recap of our last little escape before baby #1 and baby #2 join our happy family.. (not until June but doctor's orders are "house arrest" at 28 weeks.. boo) -
We went here
We stayed here (which was amazing)

We saw her (gorgeous, of course) and watched a live taping of Germany's Next Top Model and a Fashion Show. (Aaron loved it and I felt really really fat.)

We ate here

We spent time here and visited them (always a pleasure)

We saw this and this (seriously the most amazing thing I've ever seen with my own two eyes.. really)

I had such a great time with him (seen above) - He was such a sport and so was I (walking miles in heels while pregnant) :) Thanks to my family for loving, feeding and bathing my children while we were away. You're the best!


Kara said...

LOOK at that SO CUTE baby bump! You so should of been in the fashion show or better yet shooting it! I hope you had a blast!

brit said...

looks like an amazing time & you guys are totally hot!!!!! glad you got away & enjoyed yourselves!

A and R said...

Fun! So glad you got to do so much fun stuff, you'll be able to reflect on it again and again as you sit, stuck at home, feeding cute babies. Any secrets revealed about the genders yet?
(28 weeks? bummer man!)

Summer said...

SO Fun. Sooo Jealous!!

Jessica said...

House arrest at 28 weeks? Why? Are you high risk? I rode the stinking metro until I was 32 weeks pregnant with The Deuce and then was on bedrest for swelling. I'm glad you got away with your hubs! You look awesome!

Jenny S said...

I'm so glad you had a fab time! I'm loving that you loved Le Reve! PS. Thanks for the shout out! ;)

Rebekah said...

Um, you are so NOT fat. I can't believe you have two babies in there. You are looking good!!!

l.g. mcfifi said...

you look great