Teeny Sneak Peak: Celebrating Adoption

Just a note to say THANK YOU to all the families I've met through the Celebrating Adoption Program.. I've loved being a part of this and meeting all the darling children who are so lucky to have been adopted into your families. I'll miss this for sure and hope to jump back in someday! These cute pics are for Michelle.. :)


HeatherK said...

Hello Haley-- I love looking at your blog.. all your pictures are so amazing. I hope we're still getting together sometime in October.. I love your Cali pics too. How fun! You have the cutest family!

Anonymous said...

Still in total awe !!!

Every sinlge photograph a masterpiece.

Gezina Shaw-Butler

David Perry said...


Great work! My buddy Lance told me about you and I love your style. Would love to work together soon.

All the best,
David Perry

Kellee Smith said...

So beautiful!

MELANIE said...

haley these pictures are wonderful. you are so talented and such a pleasure to work with. thank you for your generosity! now we just need to choose which pictures we want..........