Tetons & Yellowstone

Well I made it home from one of my favorite places on earth. We had a blast and although the driving can be killer with my kids, it all worked out - We had my parents there to help with the kids and Aaron's parents were also there for part of the trip. I have to say Thank You to my dad for carrying Millie most of the 5 miles we hiked around in the Tetons. He's tough.
If you watch 3 minutes of this video from the news last night about Yellowstone, you may just see me and my dad at the end of the video commenting about the beauty of the park. I'm kind of famous now :)









Mary and Ryan said...

Looks like such a fun trip!! Your little family is so cute!

Lindsey Lee said...

Yeah that was such a fun trip!! Wait...i didn't go. lame.
Ps- you are such a poser sister. a hot one at least.

~j. said...

I totally saw you on the news last night! I rewound (rewinded?) it to make sure. You are famous!

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Oooh, so outdoorsy. I wish I were into that. You are brave to take the kiddos. I guess that's where grandparents come in handy though 'eh?

Alisha E. said...

Oh I so want to visit there!!!!! It's GORGEOUS! You have a beautiful family!!!!

PaPa Dave said...

That was an awesome trip. Thank you so much for allowing Grandma L and me to tag along. What an adventure that was!! Next "THE SPUDMAN"!!!!

NieNie said...

wow, you are famous. congrats.

Angela Fielding said...

Oh I love that place, and you are famous!! miley cyrus, 2 news, what next? cute little family!!!

Kellee Smith said...

So fun. Summer is so fabulous! Thanks for sharing!