10x10 Albums

I've had a lot of questions about the 10x10 Albums.. so here are a few pictures and details about these albums.
- Each Album is custom designed and unique.
- The pages are simple and clean.. easy on the eyes. :)
- There are over 50 Cover Options to choose from, from brocades to funky, bright colors. Click here to view the cover options
- These albums are not only for weddings.. they can be made from any session: babies, families, you name it.









Em said...

Just wanted to say that your work is gorgeous. And I like your music taste, too (from your photography site.)
Wish you could shoot my baby girl when she comes in July, but I don't think flying in a baby photographer is in the budget :)

Hilllary Howland Photography said...

These books are great!!

Kara May said...

Love the books!! To die for - just beautiful!! Lovely work, as usual, on all your latest posts.

casciophoto said...

Where do you get your books printed? I have wanted to offer that to clients, but didn't know just how to go about finding a company to do it through!! Any suggestions?!

Jacque said...

Pretty books! Love the cover options :)

Kaela Cusack said...

Hi! Somebody else photographed my wedding, but how much would you charge to take those pictures and do an album? You can reach me at 801-691-6770 or kaela@poepping.org