Sneak Peak: Celebrating Adoption

So after two adoptions that fell through, this sweet couple finally got their baby girl. She was a dream. More rolls than a bakery. Loved them. What a blessing - (I had to add in a picture of their "other baby" Webster, see below.)




Baby #2




K19 said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely blessing!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Oh she is beautiful... I really need to get involved with that organization. That has to be such a neat experience. I love the photos. The 2nd to the bottom is my favorite. Nice work.

Quigley's said...

Kim is my sister. Thank you so much your pictures are amazing. I wish I had known you a year ago when I got married.

Ashley said...

Haley, You do such great work These look way good!

Angela Fielding said...

oh that second to the bottom is my favorite too!! What a beauty! That is so neat you do that for families!

more caffeine, please said...

Those are precious. She is beautiful and that dog is too cute. Of course you wouldn't forget the dog. Speaking of, I think it's time for Bo and Taz to have a photo session posted?

Betina said...

Great Job!

Jenn said...

she is tooooooo precious! LOVE these photos!! Congrats to the couple!!