Before & After

I've had lots of people ask me about my photography lately.. from how I edit my images to random camera questions.. I just thought I'd show a before and after image and explain how I edited it..

Here's the raw image from my camera - I used my Canon 5D and my 24-70 lens with the aperture at 2.8

This is the edited image.. I first slightly adjusted the curves in photoshop, then used the Totally Rad Actions: Technicolor Dream World (colored some off using layer masks) and Pro Retouch. I finished with a little unsharp mask filter in photoshop to sharpen things up a bit. This took me about 45 seconds total. I never spend more than a minute or two on each image.

Here's the black and white version..
Ta Da! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!


Meg said...

Hi Haley! I'm so glad you found my blog. Ever since I looked at your website I got addicted to your blog. Your pictures are just so fun to look at! I really like the wall color in this picture. What a cute girl too. :)

Britnee said...

You are amazing! But, I am just wondering how many assistants you had with you on this shoot doing fill light? ha ha

Lindsey said...

"then used the Totally Rad Actions: Technicolor Dream World (colored some off using layer masks) and Pro Retouch"

...now, if only this made any sense to me :)

I'm slowly working on my personal improvements, but that is why I hire you!

Lance and Becky said...

It's beautiful, and she's a beautiful girl! Now me on the other hand, I'm sure you would take more than 45 seconds...seriously, more like 5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haley ,
thanks for dropping by my blog ,I cant believe you found me . Wow your work is stunning!!!
It was good to met you at the seminar the other night :)

PaPa Dave said...

It's great to have excellent editing software with the talent and smarts to use it! that's my girl, your the best.

Megan Sagers Photography said...

Wow. Thanks Haley! This is so helpful! I love your work!

Meri, Nate and Solee said...

About Wasatch Back:I am slow as molasses, you would give me the boot SO fast. I can run your short short distances if you'd like? Seriously though, I am slow (average 6.0 mph), but if you are desperate, I am interested.